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Van McLeod Reacts To Crooked Lane’s Portsmouth Location

Van McLeod is the Commissioner of NH Cultural Resources. It’s his job to enhance the cultural resources NH already has, and to bring more to the area. He tells us a bit about what that and the film location means to him, and about his relationship to the film and friendship with Chase Bailey.

Chase On The Challenges Of Film Making

Chase talks about the weather, actors, script changes, and other challenges of film making in answer to your questions.

Keep those questions coming!

Crooked Lane: On Location

Chase Bailey and Crew On Location, Day OnePress Release:


Media Info:

Contact: Amy Greenlaw and Leslie Poston from Film Pop!



CROOKED LANE, PORTSMOUTH, NH – Chase Bailey and production company Left Bank Films bring you CROOKED LANE, a paranormal thriller set in New Hampshire and based on a true story passed down over two hundred years, generation to generation.

Left Bank FilmsChase Bailey (“The Libertine”) is joined by new media marketing team Amy Greenlaw and Leslie Poston of Film Pop! The production team is led by Mark Constance (“Being John Malkovich”) and Tracey Becker (“Finding Neverland”). The team will bring together a taut screenplay and adept actors in a local New Hampshire setting to bring this harrowing story to life on the screen.

Joining Chase will be actors Ann Cusack (“A League of Their Own”) and Brett Cullen (“Lost”) and local talent from the New England area. Shooting begins July 6th on the Seacoast of New Hampshire. Bailey will direct the film which will be in the vein of such thrillers as “The Sixth Sense” and “The Orphanage”. Amy Greenlaw and Leslie Poston of Film Pop! will be in charge of social media, new media and digital marketing of the film.

The film from Bailey’s original script will mark the directorial debut from Bailey and the producing debut of longtime Assistant Director Smith (“Little Miss Sunshine”). The film will use the revolutionary RED camera and will be shot by Cinematographer Patrick Ruth (“Long Distance”). The Production Designer will be Shawn Carroll (“The Sensation of Sight”). Hatchling Studios and Marc Dole (“The Toll”) will be doing the Visual Effects for the film. Music will be originally composed by Eugene McDaniels (“Feels Like Making Love”).

Expect behind the scenes peeks and ongoing content to appear on the CROOKED LANE web site, as well as video out takes, interviews, regular blog posts from the cast and crew, a social media presence (including a Twitter account for direct access) and more. If you want to be part of the Crooked Lane Street Team, contact Amy Greenlaw or Leslie Poston.